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How We Built
Our Shipping Container House

Have You Been Thinking About Building
A DIY Shipping Container House?

Have a look at 'what we did' for inspiration... 
                You will be amazed at the ideas you will brainstorm!

We have never built a house before but we decided to take the giant leap into the building world and built 'Burrbank' our shipping container house that I would love to share with you.

What an amazing adventure this has been
- from dreaming about building a 'container house' - to reality!

If you are looking for inspiration check out my FaceBook page 'Build a Container House Ideas'
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diy built shipping container house corrugated cladding verandah

Recently we added a merbeau timber deck, moved the steps to the front and added corrugated iron across the front which has made a dramatic difference.

About constructing our container house...

We started with four containers and finished with a 'homestead' style house in a beautiful bush setting overlooking the river that is about 35 metres from the front door.

The house is about 12 x 11 metres -132 mt sq (approx 39' x 36' - 1404 sq feet) with 3 bedrooms and a large living area.

When constructing a house using shipping containers it is considered to be the same as constructing a steel frame house so it is not such a big deal as you may think.

The main difference is that every cutout and structural change of the containers for windows, doors and openings must be approved by a structural engineer.

The person organising the build will need to complete an 'Owner Builder' course, so that they can be involved and oversee the whole project from start to finish.

We used a timber web truss roof frame and corrugated iron exterior and roof, it is fully insulated and constructed to meet all the local council construction/building requirements.

Container Houses are very unique...

Our container house has a layout of a 40' container across the front and back with a 20' containers each side to make a square. The living room was built in the centre.

The 'containers' can be planned in many configurations, ours would be considered a very basic plan, you may like something similar or very different!

The options really are endless of course, the more containers you use and unusual configurations you plan to do, the more expensive and difficult it will be to build.

Below are two great examples of how different shipping container houses can be.

On the left is 'Tin Can Cabin' diy made with 3 twenty foot containers and 'Graceville' in Brisbane is architect designed made with 31 containers.

tin can cabin shipping container house diy

image -

graceville brisbane shipping container house home

image -

Video of Building Our Container House

Prefabbed at home - Relocated shipping containers - Finished our container house

The Major Steps of Building 'Our Container House'

Starting with the arrival of the four containers!

shipping container crane arriving shipping container house diy

The four shipping containers arriving at home were placed on the pallets that had all been levelled and setup ready to start building. Our 'adventure' had begun!

prefab shipping container house diy build

After 12 months it looked like this and was ready to be separated and be relocated to our block of land in New South Wales, just like a giant Meccano set.   

relocating prefab shipping containers trucks

The 40 foot containers on the road, it was exciting for us to finally see them on the road going from Victoria to NSW.

They did get some interesting looks as they went through towns.

crane shipping containers prefab lifted up down position

The shipping containers have finally landed, the containers being lowered onto the stumps ready to be finished, we were so excited to see them in place!

Two years later - 'Our Container House' is well on the way to being finished! 
If that ever happens!!   There is always more to do isn't there!!

To find out more 'About Us' and why we decided to build a 'container house' 
see the 'About Us' Page

I would love to hear of your plans and dreams

of building your own shipping container house.

Add a comment below or Contact Me

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