Verandah Construction is Finished

The verandah construction is well on the way to be being completed, the footings have been cemented in place and the steel posts are standing up.

All the steel framework is ready for the spouting and corrugated iron to be attached.

The spouting brackets are attached first then the spouting is put in place all the way around the verandah.

The plans for the verandah had to be approved by a structural engineer and the local council prior to the verandah being constructed.

'Steel verandah frame is nearly finished'

verandah construction steel framed verandah

All the spouting brackets have been attached and the spouting has to be installed before the corrugated roofing iron goes on.

'Verandah steel frame is finished, spouting and down pipe has been added'

diy verandah built on shipping container house

It started to rain a bit on and off so that was making progress difficult, the framework in the corners got finished and some of the iron was attached.

A very wet day!

construction steel frame container house

Unfortunately it rained and rained and the building had to stop as it had got very wet and slippery so all we could do is watch it and go fishing in the rain.
We went home and returned the next week to finish our verandah.

'Cutting the angles in the iron for the verandah corners'

cutting corrugated iron for construction

The verandah building was back in full swing with some extra help and it was a dry sunny day. It will be finished very soon, it has been a huge job.

'Starting to add the corrugated iron on the roof'

framework for corrugated iron steel verandah

All the straight sides were completed first then the corners were done which required cutting angles for the two sections on each corner.

'The first section of the angled corrugated iron is on'

corrugated iron on diy roof with steel frame verandah

'The verandah is finished'

verandah is finished steel and iron used diy container house

There it is, the roof completed which has created a huge four metre verandah all the way around the house. Hopefully in the next year or two we will build be able to build a deck at floor level around the front half and then hopefully all the way around.

'Verandah finished view of the back of the house'

shipping container steel verandah corrugated iron roof

View from the back of the house with the verandah construction finished which has made a huge difference to keeping the house cooler. Now the rainfall is collected in the water tanks rather than making a muddy mess around the container house.

To see the first part of the verandah construction go to Building a Verandah page.

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