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Hire a Shipping Container for Storage

A storage shipping container can have so many uses, either temporary or permanent and a bonus is that they can removed or moved to another location anytime.

Containers can be hired for the time you require which could be a week, a month or as long as you need it. Usually the hiring company will deliver and pick up the container.

Which maybe more convenient for you than buying a container, then have to arrange for someone to deliver and shift it when necessary. 

Hiring a Shipping Container

When hiring a shipping container you need to know what you are using or requiring it for and what size do you need.

  • Is it for storage or a temporary spare room. 
  • What size do you need 10' (3 mtrs) 20' (6 mtrs) or 40' (12 mtrs) for more exact measurements for the 20' and 40' containers check these dimensions.
  • Make sure the container will fit in the area you have available and that the delivery truck and crane if required has access.
  • Put some thought into where you are placing the container, remember your neighbours will probably not appreciate a shipping container on your front lawn unless it is very temporary.
  • If you live where you have a large block or have a few acres you most likely will not have a problem with the neighbours.
  • Generally speaking shipping containers are not considered a permanent structure when used for storage etc but it would be worth checking with your local council.
  • There is also specialized containers that can be hired for refrigeration, dangerous goods, kitchens and onsite offices.

Hiring a shipping container can be an excellent way to store your furniture and belongings if you are moving house or going on a long term holiday or any other reason that you need short or long term storage.

There are many companies in Australia and internationally that hire a variety of types and sizes of containers that will suit your requirements.

Some companies will drop off a container at your house, you fill it up and they will come back pick it up and take it back to their premises until you need it.

Tips For Hiring a Shipping Container

5 Tips for inspecting a storage shipping container

8 Tips for buying or hiring a shipping container

10 Tips for using shipping containers for Storage

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