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Images of different features of a steel shipping container

A steel shipping container is made to be super strong so that they can be lifted by a crane with chains from above or a forklift from underneath.

There main strong points are the floor construction, the corners and corner posts. The weakest areas are the walls and the roof, if large holes are cut in the walls or roof it will weaken the whole construction.

Therefore when containers are used for building a house or any other construction where doors and windows are being added every opening must have a steel frame welded in.

Any structural changes including adding windows and doors must be approved by a 'structural engineer' who will advise you of what size steel frame will be appropriate for each cutout section depending on the size of the cutout if it is 'weight bearing' or not.

These photos below show close up images of our shipping containers during delivery and starting the construction of our house.  

'This 40 foot container is going to be placed at the back, then the two 20 foot containers on the sides and the other forty foot container across the front to make a square'

The first container is being put in place, the crane has picked it up with slings attached to the bottom corners. The containers can also be picked up from the top corners. 

As you can see the doors are made very strongly, they have been framed and built with moulded steel, the doors are sealed with rubber strips. 
The doors have a very secure locking system which can be padlocked.

Looking through the open door you can see the large cutout has been done and framed with large box steel as per requirements by the structural engineer.

'Below this shipping container has had the window opening cutout and then the steel frame is being welded in the window opening of our shipping container house'

A rectangle shape has been cutout for the front window, a steel frame must be then welded in to make the wall solid again.

Temporarily all the windows will be boarded up, the window will be put in later after all the internal framing has been done.

'Two shipping containers are bolted together while our container house is being built'

The image above shows two container corners together and then bolted so they cannot move during construction. When all the internal construction has been done like framing, electrical and plastering etc. the 4 containers will be separated and trucked to our block of land in New South Wales, Australia.

Then they will be placed on the stumps and the construction begins again to insulate, clad walls, then the roof, verandah and so much more.
It will be a very unique container house, 'homestead' style.

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