The Steel House Stumps Are Ready to be Bolted On

Nearly ready for the shipping containers to arrive

The next job to do is the steel house stumps, we are using are one metre (3'4") tall stumps and they have been galvanised to stop any corrosion happening.

This is about twelve months after we started our 'container house' adventure our shipping containers will soon be relocated to our block which must be prepared, the concrete foundations have been done.

We did not choose to have the stumps that high but due to a flood that happened in the 1950s and we are next to a river. 

So the floor level had been set to that height by a surveyor.

The advantage of the house being up high is the view, it is very good from the house and there is also enough space to get underneath the house.

'The stump is ready to be placed on the foundation bolts'

The concrete foundation holes are 1 metre deep and 600mm wide as specified by the structural engineer. They have been filled with cement and left to set for at least a month.   The stump is ready to be bolted in position so it can hold up the containers.

'Most of the stumps have been bolted on, just a few to go'

The house has 25 stumps - 14 for the outside perimeter which 4 front and back and 3 between the corners each end.

Then 11 for the centre where the containers butt together and a centre support for each container and 3 are used to support the central room joists.

'Adjusting the nuts and bolts to make sure the stump is level in every direction' 

It is obvisously very important to get the stumps very straight vertically and horizontally so the shipping containers will sit level on them.

If necessary adjustment could be done while the containers are being positioned on the stumps or later if there was any movement.

'All the stumps are in place and have been checked and double checked with a string line' 

Finally the stumps are ready and the shipping containers will be arriving soon to be lifted on to the stumps. The area will need to be cleared so there is plenty of room for the crane and all the containers so they can be close to the house site.

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