Shipping Container Housing - What Is Your Style?

Shipping container housing in Australia and internationally is building momentum and creating a lot of interest from people wanting a house that is unique yet very functional.

There are container houses in every style from the tiny and 'off grid' to the huge and luxurious and everything in between.

Container houses have the huge advantage that they can be prebuilt offsite then just move them in, add the finishing touches and amenities.

Our Container House which is our holiday house was prebuilt at home for 12 months then moved the 4 containers to the block, put it back together on stumps and now it is an ongoing project to finish it completely. 

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These examples of shipping container housing are a broad range from the small to large and budget to extravagant.

Each one is very different, some you will like and some you won't, it is great to pick out things that you do like and keep them in mind if you are planning to build your own 'dream' container house. 

We all have different needs, ideas and wants when building a house so if you are planning to build a container house, take notes, keep images and plans to refer back to when you need to.

Absolutely stunning container house in Graceville, Queensland  was featured on 'Grand Designs'. The Miller family had to rebuild after the devastating floods in 2011, they had the idea of using containers, the project got bigger and bigger, they used 31 x 20' containers.

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Apartment housing in Burk's Falls, Ontario, Canada - images show the first apartment building to be made from shipping containers in Canada, they were completed in 2012.

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This unique container house is situated in a rain forest in far north Queensland, Australia is used for rainforest research.

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'Container house and research facility in a rainforest in Queensland'

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