About Building Our
Shipping Container House

Several years ago we had this crazy but wonderful and exciting idea of building a shipping container house, well our wish came true and it is amazing!

My next biggest wish is to be able to share the knowledge that we have.
So I have built this website, which contains many pages of interesting and helpful pages of information about planning and building 'Our Container House'.

To make reading this information even easier for you, I have bundled all my 'building container house' information from this website into one 'easy to read' ebook which has over 100 pages and includes over 150 images.

The ebook is in PDF format. (A PDF document is easily saved onto your computer)

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About Our Container House

Our container house is our ‘holiday house’ as we had purchased a block of land with river frontage in southern New South Wales. We live in central Victoria so we decided to prefabricate as much as we could at home in Victoria.

Then we relocated the shipping containers to NSW on several trucks. We built our container house with two 40 and 20 foot shipping containers.

Our four shipping containers delivered ready to start building 'our container house'.

After 12 months our shipping container house was prefabricated as much as we could do so then the four shipping containers were loaded onto trucks and then rebuilt on the stumps that were ready and waiting.

Then our container house was rebuilt and finished with corrugated iron on the roof and walls and a huge verandah and steps. One day it will have a deck around it.

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For only $13 you can have this eBook immediately
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List of Contents in the eBook

Introduction                                                                      Page 4

Our Plans and Our Story                                                  Page 5
- Planning, plans and summary
About Building Our Container House                              
Page 13
- Becoming an owner builder and much more   
Buying Shipping Containers for Your House               
    Page 17
- All about shipping containers   
Starting Our Shipping Container House                            Page 19
Shipping containers arrive and setup
'First Cut' In Our Shipping Containers                             Page 28
- cutting door and window openings
Our Shipping Container House Construction                   Page 36
- Building central temporary area
Framing Inside and Outside                                              Page 43
- Timber framing attached to shipping containers
Finishing the Prefab Stage                                                 Page 49
The Last Jobs To Do Before Relocation                              Page 54
- Shipping containers finished as much as possible
The Concrete Foundations and Stumps                            Page 61
- Foundations set and steel stumps in place
The Shipping Containers are Ready                                  Page 69
Our Shipping Containers On The Road                              Page 79
- Containers loaded and delivered
Rebuilding Our Container House                                        Page 83
- Containers on stumps & roof frame on
Erecting the Roof Frame                                                 
   Page 92
Attaching the Gable Roof Corrugated Iron                       Page 98
- Corrugated iron on roof and roof
Building The Central Room                                                 Page 104
Attaching the Corrugated Iron to the Walls                       Page 109
The Interior in Our Container House                                Page 114
- Images of the interior rooms
Building the Verandah                                                       Page 127
- Posts, frame and corrugated iron
Building the Container Shed                                              Page 143
- Built DIY shipping container shed

Have you been thinking about building a shipping container house?

Have a look at we did for inspiration...

You will be amazed at the ideas you will brainstorm!

For only $13 you can have this eBook immediately
delivered to your email Box Now!

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SPECIAL    Pay only $10 - add the discount word 'sparkie' in the 'Discount Code box'

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