Shipping Container Homes

Every Shipping Container House is different...

Shipping Container Homes are so intriguing and unique, it is amazing how many configurations can be made using giant steel boxes.

From one extreme to the other with some container houses being made on a small budget with a few containers. Others have an unlimited budget with 30 or so containers used to make a luxurious house, some are set amongst spectacular scenic landscapes.

I don't think there is any end to the amazing imagination and foresight that designers and owners have in planning and building there 'steel dream home' made with a few or many containers.

Shipping Container Housing

Containers are being used for all types of housing from helping the less fortunate to building luxurious stunning homes. 

A never ending supply of containers will mean a very bright future for all types of shipping container housing in the world.

For nearly instant housing, container homes or accommodation blocks can be prefabbed off site - placed onsite, finishing off done, amenities connected and be ready to move into within a week or two. More about Shipping Container Housing 

shipping container house

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beach box buddina shipping container house

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Two very different container houses - 'basic and useful' to the 'modern and beautiful'

Homes Made From Shipping Containers 

Container houses are being made by people from 'all walks of life' - from the 'want to be' novice DIY builder to professionals and they are building an amazing range of unique houses.

These homes made from shipping containers are a selection of all styles 'rustic, DIY, first time 'container' builders, budget, professionals and of course luxury and very expensive.  

Take a look at these Container Homes

bright container house diy built build

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canada shipping container house

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Both first time DIY built shipping container houses  - Oklahoma to Canada

Tiny House Living 

Tiny homes or houses can be anything from rustic to luxury within a very small living space.

Some people can cope with the squeezy conditions and love it and others won't even consider the idea.

Tiny homes are made from a variety of building materials including shipping containers but most are mainly made from timber especially the tiny homes that are on wheels and can travel the highways.

tiny house on wheels

 The variety of types of tiny houses is astounding, some of the tiny homes are works of art in an amusing way, others are very clever in design and some are just WOW!.   

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