Starting Our Shipping Container Home

The Shipping Containers Arrived

Our shipping container home started being built a week after the containers were purchased. When they were delivered and it was very exciting, 'our container house' was really going to happen.

Step by step these humble containers were cut, drilled, welded and transformed into a house which is so hard to imagine when you look at them in these images below.

As you can see we have plenty of room to place them in a square near the workshed so it was easy to access tools, store timber and any anything else required.

The containers were delivered using a 'side loader' truck which is a very
easy and convenient way to deliver shipping containers.

shipping container unloaded side loader truck

The two 20 foot containers both fitted on the side loader truck so it took
three trips to deliver all the shipping containers

Shipping containers have arrived to be built into a shipping container house

Prior to the shipping containers being delivered we setup a level area for the
containers to be placed on with a crane

four shipping containers delivered

Starting Our Prefabricated Container Home

After the four containers were delivered, the next step was to have a crane lift them into position and organise them into a square on the level platforms that we had previously built.

One at a time the crane driver positioned each container exactly where they needed to be.

That was great to see them in position, now we could really try to imagine what our  container home will look like and get a feel for the size of the rooms.

Every step will get us closer to the dream of having our own 'Shipping Container Home'

The 'First Cut' in our Shipping Containers

The containers have been delivered and craned into position, the next step is to start cutting openings. The very largest opening was done first followed by the internal doors.

The front 40 foot container had a opening cutout which was about 6 metres long, this opening leads into the central area which later will be the living room.

All the internal doors were also cutout, into the three bedrooms, back entrance area and back external door.

Shipping containers houses are a very unique way of diy home construction

DIY Cutting of Front door and Windows

The next job to do is cutting the openings for the front door and two large windows which are either side of the front door.

When building a diy home it is one step at a time but also keeping in mind what preparation is needed for future things to do so constant progress is made.

Having the front door and windows at least made it look more like a house in a rough kind of way. Building a diy home takes time and effort but well worth it.

window cutout welded shipping container house home

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