Unique Shipping Container Design Ideas

Shipping container design ideas can be very unique and interesting, sometimes they are made with just a few containers or there can be many.

Some are painted bright colours and others are left in their original state, either way they make an interesting statement for us to admire or sometimes wonder 'Why!'

These shipping container design examples below mostly have an industrial theme that of course really suits steel shipping containers. 

I can't help admiring the designers and builders for their imagination and creativity.

This is a proposed building made of over sixty shipping containers to be used as an Enviromental Education Centre  in Long Beach, California. As it would be for environmental studies - it is planned and built to be very environmentally friendly.

image souce - openbuildings.com

This Puma Container store is amazing, it is made with 24 containers on three levels that can be dismantled and reassembled in any country. Outside it is obviously containers but inside it been built to impress and not feel like you are in containers. Puma Container Store


Containerville - This is probably not a new idea but they do look really good and a great way for businesses to have a very compact 'no fuss' office with communications connected and ready to go.  Containerville London

Shipping containers make great swimming pools or lap pools for some backyard fun, they can be purchased ready made or some have made there own DIY container pools.

image source - giantcontainersales.com

Here is one man's story of how he made his shipping container swimming pool.

If you are not interested in making a DIY swimming pool there are 'ready made' shipping container above ground pools at Robust Pools.

This list of Top 10 shipping container structures from many different countries sure has some futuristic ideas and some useful ones.  List Top 10 container structures

ReSTART shopping Centre in Christchurch, New Zealand

Image source - stuff.co.nz

ReSTART Mall in Christchurch New Zealand 

The 2010-11 earthquakes in Christchurch, New Zealand devastated many buildings including the main shopping centre. The program to rebuild the shopping centre was named 'ReSTART' and a 'popup' shopping centre was built with shipping containers.

Many retailers were again able to trade, shoppers were happy and some sort of normality was restored after the devastation since the earthquakes. 
ReSTART Mall  - Time lapse video of the rebuild on YouTube

Skinners Playground is a supervised wonderland for kids, 4 shipping containers have been used to create a wonderland for kids. The local community has also helped to create many more play areas mostly using recycled or salvaged  materials.

Skinners Playground is at 211 Dorcas St, South Melbourne, Australia

image source - architectureau.com

Who could resist going to this lime green cafe with a lookout in the second storey. It sure stands out and could be pretty hard to resist at least having a look inside.
Lime Green Container Cafe

Seventy prefabricated student housing units in Canberra, Australia.
Prefab Student Housing Unit

Starbucks are going eco friendly using shipping containers for their shops. Youtube video

This unique 'precarious looking' container bridge is called the 'Hoorn Bridge' it is used as a  footbridge over this canal which is in the Netherlands.

image source - inhabit.com

How's this for futuristic, the 'Hive Inn Hotel' was designed for a 'Radical' innovation award, the plan is that the 'shipping container rooms' can be moved around by crane onto any level in any position.

Also the containers can be sponsored by a brand name 'Rolex' or 'Ferrari' for example and the room would be fitted out accordingly for the brand name.

Hive Inn Hotel 

      Image source - globalnews.ca

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