Our Shipping Container Construction 

Building the Temporary Central Area

The shipping container construction on our house was progressing, so far the containers had been delivered, set in place and bolted together, some of the doors and windows had been cutout and framed.

The containers were in set in a square shape with a central area that became the living room when it was finished.

The next job to do was working in the central area, steel joists were fitted to create a floor frame so that we could add temporary floor boards, then we could walk from room to room easily.

This was to be temporary as the shipping containers will be unbolted and trucked to our block of land in New South Wales when we had completed as much as we could at home.

'Steel box section supports'' are being welded onto the shipping container house'

shipping container construction welding

'The box section supports were welded on to the 40 foot containers as that
was the shortest span across the centre of the shipping containers' 

shipping containers  showing supports for central floor joists

'A close up of the 'box section supports' that the Hopley brackets will be screwed to 
and the two containers bolted together'

shipping container work showing welded on supports for the central room floor joists

'Below is the floor joists in place, a central support joist will be added underneath in
the opposite direction to support the top joists from too much movement'

shipping container showing steel floor joists in central area to create the living room

The temporary floor boards were later added around the edges next to the containers so every internal door could be accessed easily.

The 'Hopleys' light weight galvanised joists can be seen at huntengineering.com.au

Framing inside Shipping Container Walls

All the internal walls of the shipping container house were framed with timber so the walls would be straight and level as much as possible.

The shipping container walls can be damaged when they have been loaded and unload many times over many years.

Also doing the house framing made attaching the plasterboard much easier with the walls being very straight with plenty of timber to attach to.

shipping container walls timber framed interior

External Timber Framing on Shipping Containers

The external framing was done for several reasons, the insulation batts will be put between each upright.

Then the corrugated iron is screwed on as the external cladding. The timber framing was done on the outside walls and the central area walls.

In the central area insulation will used in the walls and ceiling then covered with plasterboard as that area is the living room.

Using the timber in this way for the house framing worked perfectly.

framing shipping container exterior house home diy built

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