Shipping Container Buildings 

Shipping Container buildings are pushing the boundaries of our imagination and giving architecture and building design a whole new level of creativity and sophistication.

The question is what can't be done with shipping containers - swimming pools, tiny homes and grand homes, massive office buildings and sky high hotels and so much more have been created already.

I have no doubt 'containers' will be an interesting and exciting part of the 'design and building' future internationally either in the 'DIY' way or by professionals.

Shipping Container Buildings and Design Ideas

It is amazing what can be made with shipping containers, mostly they are useful, others are just for fun like a swimming pool and playgrounds.

Fancy, fantasy and fantastic designs are created with containers as they are very versatile, even a tree house can be created.

'Container' buildings can be stacked, stand upright, placed on angles and cut to accommodate doors and windows.

More about shipping container design ideas that will surprise and push the boundaries
- if there are any!

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'Very bright office building nicknamed the 'Box Office' in Providence, Rhode Island'

Shipping Container Architecture

Shipping container architecture are fast being accepted as an alternative way to build houses and many other types of buildings.

A huge advantage is that the containers can be remodeled or prefabbed offsite and then lifted into place, this is especially good when the construction area is awkward.

Many architects from all over the world are enjoying the opportunity of using containers which are not 'pretty' and designing, constructing unique and stunning shipping container buildings and homes and anything else they dare to try.
More about shipping container architecture

Left image - This container house is in Santiago, Chile. It is called the 'Caterpillar House' which is built with 12 containers with a beautiful backdrop of the Andes mountains.

Right image - This is an orphanage built in Jerusalem using 28 containers of various sizes.

Recycled Shipping Containers

nRecycling shipping containers is a challenge that many people have got involved in and created very useful and fun creations like 'pop up shops'.

Many homes are being built out of recycled containers with astounding results. They are not just recycling the containers, some are using other recycled materials to further push the eco friendly, environmental and sustainable lifestyle.

See more Recycled container homes and buildings.

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