Amazing Shipping Container Architecture 

Shipping Container Architecture has exploded in the past few years and what is to come in the future will be extraordinary, I can't wait to see what is created in the next few years.

Many architects have taken up the challenge to work with shipping containers and have created everything from beautiful homes to futuristic buildings.

Patrick's Grand Design

We all want to build our dream home, Patrick Bradley has done that 'surprisingly' with 'containers' with beautiful results.

4 x 45 foot shipping containers have been transformed into a unique and stunning house in County Derry in the UK. The shipping container house is suspended over a stream with beautiful country scenic views.

The house could be described as having a mix of everything - a bit arty, rustic and modern, set on stunning farmland, stunning views, very luxurious and stylish inside.

Apartment Complex - Luxury Family Units

Twenty luxury family size apartments are being planned to be built in Detroit using shipping containers.

A combination of using shipping containers that are available in abundance and keeping building and energy costs down. It could be a construction idea that we may see more of in the future. 

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ECO Shipping Container Bridge

The 'Eco' bridge is a plan of an Israel architect to help traffic flow across the river which is within a nature reserve.

The shipping container bridge will be able to cater for light road traffic and pedestrians who can stop and check out the view on the platforms.

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Bondi Beach Holiday House is a Winner

Shipping containers are becoming a very interesting and challenging construction material to build with. This architect designed house is no exception.

The shipping container Czech architect is Ales Javurek.

It has been built overlooking beautiful Bondi Beach in Sydney. The design sure is unique, making use of being able to easily stack the containers.

Inside is open plan and making the best of the natural light, heat and cooling opportunities where possible, it an excellent example of shipping container architecture.

Architect designed house and competition winner in Bondi, Sydney, Australia

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Graceville Shipping Container House

In 2013 a luxurious shipping container house was built in Graceville, Brisbane, Australia using 31 containers, it was sold in mid 2014 for $1,420,000. Real estate listing

This is a stunning 'one of a kind' shipping container architecture which has three levels, it features a variety of timber on floors, walls and exterior. The containers are also featured in many rooms including a row of 'container' doors in a passage area which adds a very industrial touch.  This is the video of Graceville, Brisbane  Video of Container House

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Debbie's Container House in Kansas City

This stunning shipping container house is built in Kansas City, Missouri by Debbie Glassberg who is a Industrial Designer.

Using 5 x 40 foot containers on 2 levels Debbie has created a very unique house that she is proud of and loves to live in.  Youtube Video of Debbie's house     Article and More Photos

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