How To Ship a Container Overseas

To ship a container overseas involves organising a freight business or company in your city, region or country to deliver your parcel or 'shipping container' of goods.

There are many freight companies that will organise for your 'container' to be delivered to your required destination internationally.
This can be a full or partially full shipping container which can be 20' or 40' long. 

Container Shipping Costs

All 'freight' companies will
supply a quote when you are ready to 'ship a container.' 

The quote can easily be completed on their websites,
you can get several quotes
then compare prices.

Of course the price will vary depending on the size,
weight, contents and the destination.

You can send a small parcel,
a vehicle or a 'container'
load of commercial goods,
they will organise it for you.

Relocating Overseas Using Shipping Container

Every year many thousands of people and families relocate to a new country and new home, taking all the furniture, household goods, vehicles and pets with them.

It is a huge undertaking to organise everything yourself, prepare for the shift, do the paperwork, pack up your house, clean it and then you are on your way to a new home.

Using a international relocating company will make it so much easier for you as they will help organise and co-ordinate the move every step of the way.

Using a shipping container for your 'household, personal items and vehicles' is the most cost effective way to relocate your belongings.

 The truck is delivering a shipping
container to its destination

Most companies will pack your belongings into a shipping container for you, if you want them to or you can do it yourself.

The 'company' that is assisting you moving will know how to organise to 'ship a container' overseas and they will keep in touch with you until it is at your new home. 

Wherever you relocate to the company will help you organise your move. Choose a company that best suits your situation.

These 'freight companies' are a sample of many that are available.

They will help you deliver a parcel, crate, vehicle or 'ship a container' to anywhere overseas or to your new 'country and home' if you are relocating abroad.  

Shipping Container Tracking And Vessel Tracking

Shipping containers can be tracked as they are crossing the ocean going from port to port.
A record is kept of which ports the containers have been to and where they have been offloaded.
Every shipping container has a number for example  MSKU1734575 (random numbers)

- The MSK is the owner code for Maersk Sealand Company
- The U identifies the type of ship - a freight container
- The next 6 letters are a serial number - identifies the ship within a fleet
- The last digit is called a 'check digit' which 'cross references' both the 'owner code and serial number' is correct.

So if you were sending or receiving a container or many containers you would be able to track their movements until they arrived at their destination.

Shipping containers can be tracked using these online tracking systems

These vessel finder websites below can be used to track all kinds of large boats, yachts, bulk carriers, containers ships, fishing vessels an more.
You can also search for a particular vessel or click on the map on the coloured markers and find many different ships or boats travelling every where in the ocean. 

Loading or unloading of a container ship can be done in about 2 hours

Videos of Loading Containers and More

Video loading and unloading of containers from a Container ship in Busan, South Korea 

Time lapse video of a container ship being loaded 

Launching "Hansa Australia' container ship video

World's largest container ship propeller with 5 blades over 10 metres diameter

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