Our Living Room Interior In Our Container House

The living room interior in our shipping container house is spacious, as the living room measures about 7 x 6 metres (23 x 20 feet). This room is the central area inside a square of shipping containers, this design and plan has worked really well for us.

Our shipping container house was built using 2 x forty foot (12 metre) containers and 2 x twenty foot (6 metre) containers in a square then the central floor frame was built using 'Hopleys' joists.

After the roofing iron was attached to the web trusses then we were able to plasterboard the central area living room as then the room was waterproof.

View looking towards the front of the container house

living room interior shipping container house diy built

The living room interior has plenty of room for a huge lounge suite and a reclining double seat and more seats if required.

The TV you see in this image is one that we can take outside. We have an external TV plug at each end of the front of the house so we can watch TV outside, usually at night time. If it's a bit cool we start the potbelly wood fire. If it is too cold we go inside.

View of the living room from the front of the shipping container house

Looking from the front of the container house it shows all the internal doors, the 2 on the left are bedrooms, the next one is access to the toilet on the left, the back external door and the bathroom/laundry on the right.

The door on the right wall is another bedroom. The three bedrooms are all about 6 metres long (20 foot long).

Floor plan of 'Burrbank' our shipping container house

shipping container floor plan australia shipping container house home diy built

We used 2 forty foot containers at the front and back and 2 twenty foot containers on each side. We cut a large opening in the front container to open up the central area.

The galley kitchen inside our container house

The galley kitchen has been excellent, the left side is about 3.5 metres (about 11 1/2 feet) long and the right is about 4.5 metres (14 1/2 feet long) as the workbench extends to near the front door.

The great view out the window looking towards the river

The view is great out the kitchen window, occasionally I will see some wildlife especially birds and the occasional kangaroo on the other side of the river.
Fishing and recreational boats also go past occasionally.

Looking along the 40 foot container at the front of the container house

This is the view from one end to the other of the room interior in the the front 40 foot shipping container, the kitchen, dining table and a 'bar' area will be built sometime.

The front 40 foot container, dining table and a 'bar' area one day!

On the left is the front of the container house and on the right we have kept some of the original container showing as a feature wall, we left the dents in it just resprayed it.
It has been admired many times.

Interior Construction of the Bedrooms and Bathroom etc

To see how we planned and designed the bedrooms, bathroom, laundry, toilet and back entrance.  More info at Interior Construction

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