Restyled and Recycled Shipping Containers

I don't think there is any end to what can be built with recycled shipping containers. These examples below are just a few of the many useful and unique things that have been created in several different countries in the world.

Unique Stairs Made With Containers

These shipping containers have been made into outdoor stairs in London, what a great use of the containers for their strength, unique fabrication and stackability for height.

They are also quite a feature with the greenery softening the harshness of the steel.

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'Six Oaks' in California

'Six Oaks' container home is made with recycled containers, the home is built in California in a lovely forest setting with a 'rustic' exterior with a very modern and practical interior.

Six shipping containers have been used to create this unique and beautiful home.

Going across the bridge is the access to the front door. The house has been perfectly fitted into the landscape with forest views out the windows.

Six Oaks Container House

Shipping Container Community Centre 

This shipping container has been recycled and refurbished into a very useful area.

Barn doors have been added so people can walk all the way through and use it as an entrance, in this case a garden nursery.

This concept could be redesigned to have many different uses in many situations.

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Twenty Footer Transformed into a Backyard Room

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What a great way to use recycled shipping containers, so practical and a great getaway room that could have so many uses for everyone.

A very liveable space for a spare bedroom, a craft room, a TV room or games room or to display your precious collectables, when a container is locked up they are very secure.
Backyard recycled shipping container

Small Pop Up Cafe Bars

A great example of how shipping containers can be useful, very portable and recycled.

These two examples of pop up cafes are quite different but both will work in different situations.

The yellow one is more basic, a bit of packing up and it could be moved to a new location very quickly.

The one below is a more serious setup with the walls folding down for seating and a larger serving area. Of course it can be packed up and moved to a new location anytime also.

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Prototype of Instant Shelter for Deployment

This shipping container has been recycled into a very useful item, it is a prototype of instant housing.

This type of instant housing can be transported wherever it is required. It can be placed in position very quickly, then it can be used for an emergency home for someone in need or for military use.

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Contemporary Container Styled Home

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'Believe it your not' this is a shipping container home using 3 containers with a stunning central open plan area built between the containers. 
The metal look has been completely changed with a painted timber look facade. 

Comtemporary Shipping Container Home

Eco Friendly, Sustainable and Recycled Container House

This 'Upcycled' shipping container house in Denmark is a very eco sustainable house with a big focus on using recycled building materials including 2 shipping containers.

It is very suprising what recycled materials they have used to build this houe. 

Danish Upcycled House

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