Relocating The Prefab Shipping Containers

At Last the Shipping Containers Were on the Move

Finally the prefab shipping containers were finished after 12 months and many hundreds of hours of work. Each container has windows and doors fitted, some of the plumbing and electrical has been done.

Also the containers have been internally framed with the plasterboard attached and some painting has been done. The external framing has been done which the external cladding will be attached to later. The central area is empty as it will be built into our living room when the containers are relocated and placed on the stumps.

'The prefabbed shipping containers finished and ready to go' 

shipping container house prefab framed home

'Separating the shipping containers ready to be loaded'

shipping containers separated moved relocated

The containers have been unbolted and the first 20 foot (6 metre) container has been moved by the crane ready to be loaded. We are using a small crane as these containers are bedrooms and are empty except for the framing and wardrobe.

'The first 20 foot shipping container is loaded'

crane lifting shipping container truck

'The second twenty foot shipping container is almost loaded on'

crane lifting container truck moving

The second twenty foot shipping container is also being loaded, both containers will be strapped and tied down securely. The 2 20 foot containers are being relocated a week before the 40 foot (12 metre) containers. So they will be ready when we arrive with the 40 foot containers.

'The two twenty foot containers has been delivered'

shipping containers build house diy built

Here they are, the 2 twenty foot shipping containers are ready, next to the stumps that they will be lifted on to by the crane, with the forty foot containers to create the square again.

'The front 40 foot shipping container has been craned on to the semi truck'

shipping container truck loaded moving relocating

The front shipping container has been lifted on by the crane, after it is securely attached to the truck it will be ready to go.
This 40 foot container has the kitchen in the right section, on the left is the dining table and will have a 'bar' in the end. The centre is the entrance that goes through to the living room when we build it in the central area.

'The second forty foot shipping container is craned and loaded on also'

crane loading shipping container truck

The second truck is nearly loaded and this shipping container will be on the way to its new home very soon. This forty foot container is the back one, it has a bedroom, the back entrance and the toilet, bathroom and laundry.

The 40 foot Shipping Containers are on the Road

shipping containers truck road moving relocating

The 40 foot prefab shipping containers were very interesting sight as they went along the roads.

They got quite a few inquisitive looks as they went through towns.

We were very happy to finally see them on the road making their way to become our shipping container house.
See more on the road images

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