Our Prefab Shipping Container Home

Our prefab shipping container home had begun, after the containers were delivered the next step was to set them up in and bolt them together as we had planned.

The building plan is to set the containers up in a square then prefabricate the 4 containers as much as possible, then relocate them to our block of land in NSW.
Then finish the house.

Before the containers had arrived we had worked out the levels for the area, it was surprising the difference in heights in this small area.

We used pallets and various pieces of timber to make level platforms.

To make the area level to prepare for the four containers to be set in place and bolted together.

'So the next step is to crane the containers into their positions'

This was the really exciting bit, seeing the containers put into position.
The crane had to manoeuver itself into position to pick up the containers using very heavy duty straps and hooks and then line up to place the containers perfectly on the pallets.

'The crane lifts the 40 foot shipping container and places it at the back of the square'

This 40 foot (12 metre) container has a bedroom which is about half the container, also the back entrance, a door through to the living room, toilet, also the bathroom and laundry.

'The first 20 foot shipping container is placed on the left side of the house'

This twenty foot shipping container is a bedroom which includes a
built in wardrobe.

'The second 20 foot shipping container is put down on the right side of the house' 

The second 20 foot shipping container is also a bedroom with a built in wardrobe.

'The fourth shipping container is lifted in place, it is the front of 'our container house' 

The front 40 foot shipping container is the main entrance into the living room, the kitchen is in the right end of this container and on the left is a dining area and bar room.

'Great 'birdseye' view of the four shipping containers put together'

Our son got on top of the containers took this great photo, the central area is the living room now, it is a bit hard to imagine from the photo but it really is amazing. 

The containers were bolted together so could not separate or move in anyway.

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