Our Prefab Home Made With Shipping Containers

Finishing the Prefab Stage Before Relocation

Our prefab home made with four shipping containers has come along way since the delivery of the containers, they have been cut, welded and drilled many times. 

The shipping container house in the image below looks like a skeleton thats needs an outside layer, it is amazing what some cladding and roofing iron on the outside can do to change the total appearance.

On the inside plasterboard, paint, skirtings, architraves and cabinetry all need to be done, just prior to moving the containers the cabinetry was all fitted.

The images below are different views of the container house, some finished and the others need more work prior to being relocated to our block of land in New South Wales.

'The front of the container house with outside framework, sliding door and windows'

prefab house shipping container exterior framing diy building home

The front forty foot (12 metre) shipping container is finished on the outside, inside it needs the plasterboard attached, the painting done and the kitchen cabinetry installed before it is relocated to its new home. After it gets relocated the skirtings, architraves, lights, ceiling fans and kitchen appliances will be fitted.

'Most of the plumbing inside and outside has been done'

prefab home exterior framing plumbing

The image shows the back right corner of the container house which is the bathroom, prior to the shipping containers being separated the pipework will be cut and rejoined later.

'The central area is finished, the doors, framing and electrical wiring have been fitted'

prefab home central room living room floor joists

The central area is finished for now, just before the containers get separated to go on the trucks, the joists and the temporary floor boards will be removed.

The joists will be trucked to their new home and put back in place permanently, when the roof is on this area will be transformed into a large living area.

'The front shipping container has been framed and the electrical wiring is done'

prefab house home interior timber framing

The front 40 foot shipping container is ready to have the plasterboard attached, the electrical wiring has been done in the ceiling for 3 lights and 2 ceiling fans. The lights are at each end and in the middle, the ceiling fans are between the lights.

Which works really well as each light or fan can be turned on independently as they are required, which of course saves using more electricity.

'Looking from the central area through the front container and front sliding door'

prefab house home steel frame around door

This image shows the layers of the container prefab home from the central area, the blue exterior of the 40 foot shipping container, the large frame work of the huge opening between the front room and the centre room.

Then the interior of the container with the internal framing and the electrical wire and also looking through the large sliding door to outside.

More Prefab Building Of Our Container House

There are a few more things to do on the never ending list that must be done before the shipping containers get packed up and moved to their new home to be rebuilt and finished.

Finishing Container House Prefab Building

Finally our shipping container house is nearly ready to be separated, craned onto trucks and driven to our block of land in New South Wales, Australia.

Everything at the block is ready for the delivery of the prefabbed containers, the rebuild and then keep building until it is finished, if that every happens!

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