We Are Prefab Building Our Container House

So it can be relocated to our block of land in NSW

For about 12 months we were prefab building our shipping container house at home.

Then it was loaded on to trucks and relocated to its new home in New South Wales.

Before the containers went on the trucks there was a few more jobs to do.

These images below show various rooms and things left to do.

The image below shows a 20 foot (6 metre) shipping container that is a bedroom, the wardrobe frame is in, the electrical wiring is completed. 

The plastering and the first coat of paint was done before the containers were moved.

The wardrobe shelves and sliding doors were fitted after the room was plastered and the house has been relocated.

'The 20 foot shipping container house bedroom that has been internally framed'

prefab building inside shipping container house

'The central room is ready, the prefab building has been done'

the prefab building frame shipping container house

This image gives you a good idea how big this room will be later. When the boards that are covering the large opening are gone and when the roof is on after the containers are relocated this room will be plaster boarded, painted and finished off.
The central room is approximately 6 x 7 metres which is 42 square metres plus the entrance area which makes the room seem even larger.

'The front shipping container is internally framed ready for plasterboard sheets'

prefab build shipping container house home

The 40 foot (12 metre) front shipping container has a kitchen on the right as you walk in the front door, on the left is a dining table and in the end of the the container will be a bar room

All the walls and ceiling have been framed, the electrical wiring has been done so this room is ready for the plaster board and some painting.

'The first piece of plasterboard being screwed and glued to the ceiling in the kitchen'

prefab build shipping container house

Finally the plasterboard was being attached to the walls and ceiling in the front 40 foot container, it is amazing what a difference it makes when plasterboard is installed.

'The front 40 foot shipping container has been plaster boarded'

prefabbed build shipping container house

The difference is amazing when a room has been plaster boarded and even better when it has had a few coats of paint.

With the building nearly finished it wasn't long before we saw the containers finally on the trucks to their new home and getting rebuilt.

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