Off The Grid Homes In All Styles And Designs

There are many styles and types 'off the grid homes'they range from the 'rustic cabin' to the luxurious architect designed house and anything in between. 

Each one has their own story ....

  • Why and where they were built
  • Choice of lifestyle and surroundings
  • Each is designed differently due to the terrain or climate
  • DIY or professionally built
  • Built on a budget or luxurious 

Off Grid living usually starts with Solar Power which can be a simple setup with a few panels or completely 'Off grid' with your own power station.

Examples of a Variety of 'Off The Grid Homes'

The 'Porter Cottage' on Ragged Island

Porter Cottage is on a remote island called 'Ragged island' 20 miles from the main coast of Maine in the United States.

Being so remote created many challenges for the owner, designer and builders.

Obvisously they suceeded and built a very unique 'off grid' cottage with stunning views and tranquility.

Inspiring Reasons Why 'Off The Grid Houses' Are So Popular

Having an 'off grid' house is about getting back to basics and thinking how many ways you can look after the environment and your own health by growing your own food and so much more. Read this great list of inspiring reasons about having an 'off grid' house.

Off The Grid House in Melbourne Australia

A family built a large family home several years ago in Melbourne and decided to make the house 'off grid' so they got their own power station installed.
They have been keeping a blog of their progress

DIY Country Style

image source -

This is a real country style DIY off grid house built by the owner LaMar Alexander who is an author. He built it for under $2000, find out more about this cute cabin in Utah.

Off Grid Hobbit House

image source -

This 'Hobbit' like house is a work of art, working with nature in every way.

The owner was determined to build a DIY environmentally friendly house for his family and also be debt free.
DIY Hobbit House

Northern Michigan Cabin

What a pretty picture, this 'off grid cabin' was built for Sam's parents but Sam was asked to install the 'off grid system' which he knew very little about.
His blog explains all about what he learned and the equipment he used.

Two Off the Grid Homes in Byron Bay 

These houses are stunning and are both completely self sufficent from any power costs, 'off grid' no longer just means 'rustic cabins in the forest' - 'off grid' can be luxury too.
Both houses are on the New South Wales, Australia coastline. They have been designed and built to be luxurious and self sufficent using the latest technology to conserve all resources possible, in return the owners will not have to pay any energy bills.

image source -

'Designology' is an Australian 
company that prides it self on designing and building 'environmentally sustainable' houses that can withstand extreme climate conditions.

The 'Convertible house' is one of many designs they have built, which blends in with enviroment and surroundings.

Eco House Adelaide Hills

image source -

This 'Eco' house in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia is a terriffic example of how 'off the grid homes' can be planned   to be very efficient in every way.

The video is excellent to watch as it shows many ways and reasons to 'plan a house' to be very efficient without wasting our natural resources.

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