Off Grid Shipping Container Homes 

Off grid shipping container homes are being created in all shapes and sizes, from budget to luxurious.  It is so exciting to see architects and owners taking the step to conserve resources where possible and think 'green'. 

Off Grid Container House in the Aussie Bush

This is a great example of a unique off the grid home built in Australia.

This container house is built in the remote Australian bush, it is an ongoing build with the aim to live in sustainable luxury.

Paul has setup solar panels for electricity, any unused power is stored in batteries.

A water tank has been setup to catch rain water and the containers are insulated.

Paul collects fallen branches to burn in his 'unique' woodfire when necessary. 

Paul has documented and created videos of building his off grid container house.

Paul Chambers 'Aussie' Container House

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Shipping Container House in Mojave Desert

This luxurious container house could not have been built in 'harsher conditions' for an off grid home, so the oweners have built it to be very enviromentally friendly.

Inside it is stunning with huge rooms that are open plan, beautifully decorated with many glass panels to take in the surrounding views.

Off Grid Shipping Container Home 
in the Mojave Desert

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Tin Can Cabin 

The Tin Can Cabin shipping container house is in Northern Wisconsin, USA.

About 3 years from the start to completion and it is an 'off grid' home.

The cabin is built in a remote area and is used as a weekender.

So being able to securely lock it with the original doors is very important when the owners aren't there.

Read the blog for more information.
About Solar panels and power.

The Tin Can Cabin was built using
three 'one-trip' shipping containers.

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Larrys 'Weekender' Container House

Larry started building his container home in November 2010, he used 2 x 40 foot containers.

The cabin is capable of being 'on and off grid' as required.

Solar panels have been installed to heat water and for heating the cabin.
If necessary electricity back up can be used.

He has now completed his project, Larry has taken hundreds of photos along the way, they are all in his blog.  

Shipping Container Home DIY Built

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Studio H:T - Off Grid Container Home in Colarado

Studio H:T was built in 2010 using two shipping containers each side of a central two storey open living area below and main bedroom and deck above. (the views must be amazing from the deck)

The house has various ways to be off grid and efficient which include using solar power, ventilation cooling, pellet stove heating and green roofs.

Colarado Shipping Container Home

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G-Pod Relocatable Accommodation

G-Pod Relocatable Accommodation.    The G-Pod is a state of the art 'on or off the grid' container house or room.

Which is relocatable and can be used in many ways to suit your lifestyle. G-Pod 

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