What Is Off Grid Living? 

To be totally 'off grid living' you would not be connected to any utilities like electricity, water and septic. 

Some people are very happy with living this lifestyle, of course this is the way it was many years ago before electricity was available.

Solar panels being installed on a
house roof by a tradesman.

Now days living off the grid doesn't have to be done to this extreme, to be partially 'off the grid' you can have six or more solar panels.

To be totally 'off grid' with your own 'power station and bank of batteries etc.' you may need 30 or so solar panels depending on your requirements.

Off Grid Electricty

Off grid electricity can be produced by 'solar panels' being the most common but there is also wind turbines and Hydropower systems, which are all suitable for one house to very large areas.

Solar panels are very popular and have been seriously promoted the last few years.

When your house is connected to the grid with solar panels or another energy source electricity is produced, the electricity is then used to run your appliances like heaters, lighting etc.

'Off grid' equipment has been modernised to make installation and the usage much easier.

If there is excess electricity created it can be put back into the grid and the owner receives credits from the electricity company.

Where possible insulate your house as best as possible especially if you are building a new house, in an older house check the ceiling cavity to see if it is well insulated, add more if necessary.

Double glazed windows are better for insulating and LED lights use less power than other lights which will help you conserve your 'precious' power.

Solar panels on house roof 

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Off Grid Electricity Companies

These solar companies are examples of what information is available if you are interested in changing to 'off the grid living' either partially or fully.

NZ - powersmartsolar.co.nz    UK - offgrid-energy.co.uk

USA - wholesalesolar.com       AU - energymatters.com.au

The Power of Solar

There are thousands of applications for solar power which can be as 'simple' as a garden light or recharging a torch to the more 'technical' cars, boats, ships, spaceships and beyond....

Solar powered garden light 

The solar panels charge the batteries

'Off the Grid' House in Melbourne

A family in Melbourne have built a large new house that is completely 'off the grid', the power station (about 30 solar panels) is on their garage roof and the have other equipment including a bank of batteries to store the power.

Discover more at their blog Off Grid House in Melbourne

Facts and Info About Solar

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