About Living Off The Grid 

Living off the Grid can be Partially or Fully, Thats your Choice

Living off the grid is 'not' having your house connected to any utilities like electricity, water and septic that you have to pay for regularly.

To be 'off grid' you can use solar panels, a wind turbine or hydropower... or a combination.

Once you have your system setup...

You won't have any power bills, no connection fees, be independent and you own the equipment, you are using a renewable source of energy, about 90% efficiency.

On the downside you are limited to the amount of power the system can provide, you do need to monitor the system and do some maintenance when required.

All everyday electrical appliances can be used as 230 volt electricity is supplied.

Solar panel 'power station' amongst
the forest

solar panel grid

Off Grid Living

Living in and owning an 'off grid house' gives you the independence of not relying on any energy or government companies, you are in control.

You may decide to 'live off grid' because the closest electricity, water and septic connections maybe too far away and too expensive to get connected. 
You may also choose the lifestyle to enjoy the freedom of 'living off grid'.

Many people enjoy Off Grid Living there are many options like solar power, wind and hydro systems, woodfires for heating, composting toilets.
Make sure the house is insulated well, double glazed windows and thermal curtains will help keep the heat in or out depending on the weather outside. 
You can be self sufficient in many ways including growing your own vegetables and fruit.

Off Grid Shipping Container Homes

Building and living in Off Grid Shipping Container Homes has become very popular in recent years as we are much more aware of the evironment we live in.

Therefore some of us want to escape the 'Rat Race' of cities and live in smaller towns or amongst forests and country areas without breathing in the city smog every day. 

tin can cabin shipping container house

image - www.tincancabin.com

Being 'off grid' is an excellent way to be environmentally friendly in many ways including simplifying our lives and being more motivated to live healthy and be healthier in mind and body. These Off Grid Shipping Container Homes are all different from budget to expensive.

Off The Grid Homes

tiny off grid house home

These examples are a great variety of
off the grid homes showing there is no end to the imagination and excitement when creating 'off grid' houses.

Off grid homes can be a very normal house... to the DIY rustic cottage and everything in between... even a hobbit house and a very remote cottage.

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