Interior Construction, Plan and Layout

The bedrooms, bathroom, laundry...

The interior construction of our shipping container house is a basic plan but it works really well. The front 40 foot (12 metre) container is the entrance, the kitchen and the dining area.

Then you walk into the central living room from which the bedrooms, back entrance and bathroom and laundry can be accessed.

In this image you can see 4 internal doors, the left door is a bedroom which is in a 20 foot (6 metre) container, the door on the right is a bedroom exactly the same.

The left door in the back wall is another bedroom which is using the left half of the 40 foot container.

The door on the right is the back entrance with the toilet on the left and the bathroom/laundry on the right which is in the other half of the 40 foot container.

'The central living room'

This basic plan here shows how the shipping containers are set out. Two forty foot containers front and back then 2 twenty foot containers on the sides.

Then the central living room was built with a false floor using Hopley trusses and when the roof was built the room could then be plaster boarded, painted etc.

The layout of the back 40 foot shipping container

This is a detailed plan of how the back container is set out, the bedroom is using half of the 40 foot container, then the toilet, back entrance and the bathroom/laundry.

This is one of the bedrooms, they are all the same in size, we have a bunk and single in one of the bedrooms and double beds in the other two bedrooms.

There is a' built in wardrobe' at one end the full width of the container in each bedroom.

The bathroom and laundry are in one room which is 2.4 metres wide and 3 metres long. We find that this room works really well. There is plenty of room and storage.

The laundry area is basic but very useful with trough, washing machine and overhead cupboards above all easily accessible.

View from bathroom/laundry through back entrance into the central living room.

The back entrance with very useful cupboards including a broom cupboard, the toilet room is on the left and the back door leads out to a landing and a set of steps.

We also have an 'outback' dunny next to the steps outside.

Click the ebook to discover about building 'Our Container House'

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