Timber House Framing on Shipping Containers

Internal Framing in the Central Area

The central room needed internal house framing to attach the plasterboard to when the shipping container house was ready to be completed. 

The central area was planned by having four containers in a square, therefore a large room was made in the centre.

It is a very large living room with access from the large sliding front door and the back entrance.

After the roof was on, we completed the construction of the living room with insulation, plasterboard and the floor.

In the image below it looks like external timber framing on the shipping containers, it actually is internal framing that the plasterboard was later attached to.

The central room of the house is surrounded by shipping containers

house framing shipping container house

'On the right there is a large 6 metre opening behind the boards on the blue 40 foot container that makes the living room very spacious when you walk in the front door'

The shipping container timber framing is done separately on each container so when they are to be moved all that needs to be done is to undo the bolts and separate the containers.

Our shipping container house was a prefab construction at home for about 12 months and then each container was trucked to its new home on a block of land in New South Wales, Australia where it was completed with insulation, cladding and a roof.

Most second hand shipping containers are dented and the walls may not be straight so when the timber framing was built each board was checked to make sure it was level both ways before it was screwed into place.

Spacers were used to keep the boards at the correct spacing from the container, the spacers varied a several millimetres depending on the condition of the shipping containers walls.

The plasterboard was attached to the internal frame so it was important to get it as straight as possible. Also the timber door frames had to line up with the plasterboard.

 'Close up of the timber internal framing on the six metre shipping container that is a bedroom'

External Framing on Outside Walls of Containers

The external timber framing is attached in the same way as the internal timber framing but the external framing had corrugated iron cladding attached.

'Our shipping container house with the external framing and the windows
openings are covered ready for the windows to be installed'

house framing exterior shipping container house

When the prefab house was moved to our New South Wales block of land, the main things that were done first were the galvanised corrugated iron roof was added, then the wall cladding with corrugated iron and the central floor was reinstalled.

'The back of the shipping container house showing that there is a few more  
timber frames to be attached above and below the windows'

house framing shipping container house

The back of the shipping container house looks so different now with the cladding on, the windows in, the back door and steps and the roof iron on of course.

house framing finished prefabbing shipping container

Our shipping container house with all the exterior timber house framing finished and the front sliding door and the windows installed.

Getting much closer to being ready to relocate to our 'block of land' in New South Wales.

There is still some plumbing, electrical, plastering, cabinetry, painting work to be done.

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