Driveway Construction and Preparing Block

The driveway construction happened fairly quickly after we had bought the block as you can see below, what was there was just some rough tracks that got used occasionally.

Luckily there was a local man who had the machinery and access to the crushed limestone that was used.

It sets really hard so it can driven on even when very wet.

After a few weeks of construction there was a huge improvement, the drive looked quite impressive as it weaved amongst the trees and towards the river.

 'Our 3 acre block of land when we bought it'

The block looked pretty rough around the edges but we could see it had plenty of potential with many hours of work and planning. We planned the driveway to work with the trees and made a few bends around the trees so it wasn't a straight drive in.


'This is the driveway coming in towards the house and the river'

After many truckloads of crushed limestone the drive was starting to take shape, plenty more has been put down since. The driveway construction will probably be ongoing to make sure the large vehicles have easy access while building the shipping container house.

'Driving in from the road towards the front of the block

This photo shows the drive from about half way in, the house has been put in the cleared  area about middle of the photo about 35 metres from the river.

The soil is natural clay so when it gets rained on it gets very slippery and boggy so getting the driveway raised and using crushed limestone has been excellent.

'Very early after we bought the block we were working out where to put a house'

There wasn't a lot of choice where to put the house as there were a lot of trees and only a few clearer areas. Luckily near the river was a clear area and a perfect place for a house.

To clean the area up all we had to do was mow a lot of grass, pick up a few logs, sticks and rocks and then we started getting some essentials like water and electricity.

 'The first thing we did was put in a water pipe from the river'

We are allowed to pump water from the river for domestic use so we put a suction pump in the river that pumped the water into a water tank. The river water is available from outside taps and the hose unfiltered. The water that goes into the house is filtered so it is cleaner.

'A kangaroo came for a look'     "G'day Skippy"

'The next job was to make a dog yard, they kept wandering everywhere' 

Our dogs kept wandering into the neighbours and everywhere else, we had to try to watch them all the time. To stop them wandering we made the dog yard. Which was made out of treated pine posts and heavy chicken wire.

'A goanna up a tree on our block'

The dogs chased the goanna and it ran up the tree, we locked up the dogs and it came down and went on its way - wherever that was. Goannas are large monitor lizards, it was nearly 2 metres long.

'We made these steps also - out of redgum'

The bank of the river is quite steep so we decided we needed some steps to get up and down easier. We made them out of timber from a river redgum tree which had been used in a bridge that was 100 years old.

The old bridge was pulled down to be replaced, we were lucky enough to get some of the timber and repurposed it into our steps which should last a long time.

It was all cut with a chainsaw as the wood is very tough and it gave that rustic look.
The timber was red on the cut edges but it soon weathered to grey and looks like it been there a long time.

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