DIY Home Construction With Shipping Containers

Our diy home construction of our shipping container house began with the delivery of the containers and then placing them on level platforms and bolting them together.

The next step was to cut the openings for internal and external doors and the windows, also a large opening into the living room.

Every opening that is cut out of a container wall must be re-strengthened with a steel frame which must be approved by a structural engineer.

A shipping containers strength is all in the floor and the corner posts as they can be lifted with 20 to 30 tonne of cargo inside. If a wall or the roof is cut or badly damaged containers are weakened and may collapse.

Therefore when building a house or any other building with containers every opening, even a small window must be reinforced with a frame.

The steel frame is being welded in position to strengthen the shipping container
as the opening is very large

diy home construction building shipping container house

40 foot shipping container with very large 6 metre opening cut out

diy home construction 40 foot shipping container

The cut out section is about six metres long which will be a large opening into the living room which will be in the centre area later. To cut sections of container walls an angle grinder is used and then the steel frame is welded in position.

Looking at the framed opening from the central area of the shipping containers 

diy home construction view from central area of front 40 foot container

After the shipping container house was relocated in sections to the block in New South Wales the central area floor was built, which created a huge living area, with the front door cut out of the opposite wall you can see in the photo above.

The Shipping Containers House Internal Doors

Building your own shipping container home is all about diy home construction, you can always go and buy a ready made 'container house' but there is no 'adventure, hard work or satisfaction' in doing that.

The next step was to create internal door openings so we had access to all the containers easily from the central area. The doors are a standard size so the cutout measurement must allow for a door frame to suit the door being installed and the steel frame surround.

There is five internal doors that had to be cutout of the containers for three bedrooms, the back entrance area and the back external door.

Shipping container diy home construction internal doors, cut with an angle grinder then a steel frame is welded in to strengthen the opening

Both shipping containers shown above are the 20 foot containers (6 metre), they are both being used for bedrooms. Twenty foot containers are an excellent size for bedrooms, one large bed, 2 singles or a single and a bunk bed fit in with a built in wardrobe with room for small furniture.

There are many steps to creating a shipping container house, having the large opening and internal door openings was an exciting step. There is always more to do of course, next is creating the opening for the front door and windows.

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