Our Container House Prefab Building

The Last Few Days Before the Containers are Relocated

The shipping container house prefab building has just about been finished, just a few things to to go and the four containers will on their way to our block of land in New South Wales, Australia, which is being prepared for the arrival of the containers.

We had a driveway created with a few twists and turns past the trees so it was not a straight drive in, which really suits the block.

Very soon the shipping containers will arrive at the 'block of land' and then we can rejoin the prefabbed containers and then finish building our shipping container house....

There is just a few more things to do first....

shipping container house prefab building

'The back entrance and bathroom/laundry has been plasterboarded'

The back entrance and the bathroom/laundry has been plaster boarded ready for painting.
Painting a room makes such a difference after several coats have been applied.

'The back entrance has been plasterboarded' 

shipping container prefab building house home

Standing at the back door you can see the electrical switchboard ready to be used, that wall has been plastered. Looking across the central area you can see the kitchen wall which has been plastered and had its first coat of paint.

'Looking sky high in the corner of the central area'

prefab building shippinf container house

An interesting view of the timber framing in the corner where two containers meet.
The central area that will soon be separated when the containers are shifted to be loaded onto the trucks.

container house prefab building waterproofing bathroom

The waterproofing is a latex compound that is brushed on in wet areas like bathrooms, toilets and laundrys. It must be done by a licensed company as a certificate is required for your local shire or council.

The vanity unit will be fitted on the left and shower on the right, the laundry trough and washing machine will be fitted around to the left of the door.

'Some of the kitchen cabinetry has been installed' 

shipping container house prefabbed building

Finally my kitchen cupboards and benches have arrived which were installed several days before the shipping containers were on their way to New South Wales.

The kitchen is great, it is a galley 'style' kitchen which 'really' suits the width of a shipping container, the huge window is excellent with a great view.

'The prefabbed shipping containers ready to go!'

shipping container house prefabbed building

This is the last photo of the prefab shipping container house prefab building before it was unbolted, the crane separated them and they were loaded onto trucks.

The shipping container house is to be setup on many stumps that are bolted to cement foundations. The containers will be placed on the stumps one at a time, when they are all in place they will then be bolted together and the containers will be welded to the stumps to make sure they won't be able to shift.

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