Container Architecture 

You will be surprised by what can be built with a Container!

Shipping container architecture in the last few years has just exploded into an amazing range of creations, not just houses. 

Below are website links to a variety of houses and other buildings. Many other interesting, useful and unique things can be made out of shipping containers like playgrounds, swimming pools, sculptures, wine cellars and so much more.

The humble shipping container can be made into many amazing structures. Shipping containers are made in several sizes but the most common sizes used for building houses are the 20 foot and 40 foot.

Shipping Container Houses

Two examples of Australian built houses 

Design, plans and construction of a 2 storey Odpod Container House  in Melbourne, Australia

This 'Off Grid' Building Shipping Container House in the Australian bush is an on going project that has progressed really well in the past few years.

The Tin Can Cabin pictured below is a unique container house built with 3 containers in a remote area with security being a high priority and comfort of course.
Tin Can Cabin - Wisconsin USA

This large house is made with 8 shipping containers.

Contemporary Industrial style designed by a french architect, which is quite unusual inside and out, another example of how shipping containers are being reused.

image -

This page shows a variety of container houses, other buildings and unique designs including a sauna, a swimming pool, sculptures, many houses from the rustic to the futuristic. 

It is amazing what can be made from shipping containers - all you need is imagination

Having Fun With Shipping Containers

I love the ideas and designs that people all over the world build with containers. They are so creative and exciting.

Some are visual artwork, others are for fun, they can also be practical for everyday use.

Shipping Containers used to make Paintball Fields                 

How to Build a Wine cellar 

A shipping container Swimming Pool               

A very different kind of sculpture

Here are some more very cool examples of Container Architecture.

Unique container sculptures from around the World

Wave Surfing Machine

Skinners Playground in Melbourne

DIY Backyard Barbecue Shack - Better Homes and Garden video

What can be done with containers is just endless, they may be just a steel box but with a bit of cutting, welding and painting they get a whole new life to be admired or sometimes you will be stunned and think how (or why) did they do that???

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