Concrete Foundations and Preparing House Block

Preparing the foundations ready for the stumps

The concrete foundations for our shipping container house had to be quite substantial to hold up or hold down our container house depending on which way you look at it.

The foundations are holding up the house on the stumps and they are also holding the house down from blowing away in a huge wind, cyclone etc.

The foundations and stumps were designed and planned by the structural engineer, which must be built as detailed on the plans.

We are using 2 forty foot (12 metres) and 2 twenty foot (6 metre) containers, the 2 20 foot containers weigh about 4600kg or 10,000lbs and the 2 40 foot containers weigh 8000kg or 17,500lbs.

A total of about 12600kg or 27,500lbs.

That is lot of weight when they are empty, add some furniture and fixtures inside, the cladding and the roof no wonder the foundations are huge, we needed 25 of them.

'The foundation holes have been drilled 1 metre (3'4") deep and 600mm (2') wide'

hole drilledconcrete shipping container house foundations

To prepare for the foundation holes to be drilled in the right place and depth the house site levels had to be checked by a surveyor. Fortunately the house site is fairly level.

Our block is near a river, a requirement we had to have is the front of the house had to be at least 30 metres from the top of the riverbank, which the surveyor had marked.
To be on the safe side we made it 35 metres.

'The steel footing is in position with a temporary timber brace to hold it from moving'

foundation hole drilled concrete foundations shipping container house home steel footings

The steel footings are made from reo bar, which are suspended from the timber boards to keep everything in place so there is no movement when the cement is poured in.

Every hole is checked with a string line in both directions to ensure the footings and bolts are in the correct position.

'The concrete foundations have been poured, waiting for the stumps to be bolted on'

foundations shipping container house concrete

The foundations were left to set for at least a month, there is not much to see but it is was a huge step forward. Next the stumps were to be bolted on then finally we could relocate the shipping containers and have them lifted onto the stumps.

'Some of the steel house stumps have been manufactured, we will need 25 stumps'

steel stumps manufactured shipping container house home

The steel stumps are 1 metre (3'4") high, they will be bolted onto the footings and the shipping containers will be welded to the top plate to keep them in place.

Setting up the Steel House Stumps

After about 12 months since we started our 'container' house project it was time to set up the steel house stumps. They have been manufactured and then they were galvanised to protect them from corrosion.

All the stumps have been bolted to the concrete foundations ready for the arrival of the four shipping containers which will be craned on to the stumps.

Visit the Steel house stumps page to see how they were setup to suit our container house.

Building the Driveway and More Improvements

Building the driveway had to be done fairly quickly as the soil was clay and got very slippery and boggy after it had rained. We got that done which was a big improvement.

We also put a pipeline in for our water supply, made a dog yard and had a few interesting 'animal' visitors. One was 'cute' the other 'not cute' at all.
Visit the Driveway Construction page to also see our river redgum steps we built.

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