Where To Buy Shipping Containers 

For Storage or Your 'Container' House

You can buy shipping containers 'Australia wide' and of course and just about anywhere in the world. They are an extremely popular for storage, for sheds, building into houses and many other unique uses.

When we decided to buy shipping containers for our 'diy container house' we searched  the internet with ebay, gumtree etc., couldn't see anything quite right and some were a long distance away.

The nearest shipping container dealer was 'Dialabox', we knew we wanted 2 x 40' and 2 x 20' containers in reasonable condition. A few dints in the sides did not matter as the containers were going to be completely covered inside and out.

We looked several times, purchased the 2 forty foot containers on the second visit and a couple of weeks later we purchased the 2 twenty foot containers. They were delivered using a side loader truck.

It is very important that you look at the container yourself and inspect them thouroughly for rust and damage that may make it not seal or be waterproof.

If a container does have a small holes in it and you can do your own DIY repairs, the container will probably cost a bit less and save you a few dollars.

What Condition Do You Want Your Container In?

Shipping containers can be 'brand new' if you order them direct from the manufacturers which are mainly in China, which can be expensive and take several months to receive.

The next best option is 'one trip' containers which means they have travelled once across the ocean and deemed too expensive to have it returned empty. eg. China to Australia
The containers maybe slightly marked from their trip across the ocean.

Used shipping containers are generally between $2000 and $4000 depending on their size, high cube or not (height 9'6" or 8'6"), average condition to excellent condition.

If you buying a container for storage it will need to be in good condition with no holes and airtight, doors must seal tight.

Buying shipping containers for a house depends if they are going to be cladded over or not. If they are not going to be covered they will need to be weatherproof, straight to make building easier, be in good condition for looks unless you like the rustic look.

If they are going to be covered with cladding they can be a bit rougher but must be waterproof and straight to make building easier.

'The side loader truck is delivering the forty foot containers one at a time and then the two twenty foot containers were delivered together as they both fitted on the same truck'

buy shipping containers unloading

How to Buy a Shipping Container

Search online for 'buy shipping containers' or 'shipping containers for sale' and other similiar search terms. You will find many pages of options that you can choose from and most likely there will be some in your town or the nearest reasonable size town or closest city.

Below are a few 'How to Buy articles' and online websites to search for shipping containers in Australia - of course an online search in other countries will show your local shipping container companies.

Websites to Search for Shipping Containers

These are a sample of the many online websites

ebay.com.au    or    ebay.com




How to Buy a 'Container' Articles

A few sample articles about buying shipping containers

www.dwell.com   'How to buy a shipping container'

www.wikihow.com   'Buy a used shipping container'

www.instructables.com   'How to get a shipping container' 

When you are buying shipping containers they can be delivered easily with a 'specialised side loader truck'.

A tilt tray truck can be used also, the containers can be pulled on with the winch and then the container can be slid off the back onto the ground. You may then need a crane to place the container in the correct position.

Also a flat bed truck can be used, a crane loads it on and the same crane or a different crane will lift off at its destination.

A Hiab loader crane can also be used as they have the crane attached to the tray of the truck and can lift the shipping container on and then off at its new location.

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