Buy A Used Shipping Container 

Buy a used shipping container and easily get that extra space for a short term or permanently!

  • Do you need more room!
  • Make a spare bedroom, craft room or workshed or anything other room you need.
  • Need to store items like furniture or antiques for safe keeping!
  • Want to keep a vehicle or boat undercover and locked up!
  • Maybe you would like to make a cabin, sunshelter or bar in the backyard.
  • Shipping containers can be used for storage for many different things - all sizes.

Firstly you need to decide what size you would like when you go to buy a used shipping container or sizes if you are buying several containers.

The most common sizes are - 40 feet (12.2m), 20 feet (6.1m) or 10 feet (3m) long.

The 'High Cube' containers are what we used in 'our container home', the ceiling height is about 9 foot after framing and plastering.

The standard height is 8' 6" high which is perfect for storage, then there are 'High Cubes' at 9.6" high which are harder to come by as there are less made of the 'High Cube' containers.

When building a container house I would recommend using the 'High Cube' containers so that you can at least have average height ceilings.

Several million new shipping containers are built each year so there are many being removed from their 'overseas trips' to be parked on dry land.

When you are searching to buy a used shipping container have a look at the (Container Safety Convention) CSC plate on the front door. It shows the year when it was built.

Usually secondhand containers are in the range of 3 to 10 years old, even 15 years if they are still in good condition.

Don't buy a shipping container that is well past it's 'use by date' as some people will try to sell containers that are not waterproof or they have more rust than steel!

You can also buy near 'new' containers if you would rather have one that is in better condition and not so 'damaged or well used' looking, but they will be a little more expensive.

The image below shows the CSC plate for this shipping container.

'This container was made in 2002 - we bought 2 extra containers in 2013 for storage while building 'Our Container House'. The locking system and extra strong padlocks proved to be invaluable because the containers are so secure when locked.'

You can start searching online and locally in your area when you are ready to buy a used shipping container.

These shippping container companies are a few examples of the many available in Australia.

Tiger Containers

Space Wise     

Shipping Containers

You may be lucky enough to have a shipping container dealer nearby which will make it much easier to see what containers are available, negotiate the price and organise the delivery.

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