Building a New House With Shipping Containers

Erecting the Roof Trusses

Building a new house is a lot of work but it also brings a lot of satisfaction as your house starts to grow and you can finally see the finish line getting much closer.

Having the shipping containers in their place on the stumps is like the beginning of building again with still plenty to do starting with the web trusses being erected.

'The web trusses are craned onto the roof'

building a new home with shipping containers prefabbed relocated

The roof is a very simple gable design, the web trusses have been pre made to order to suit the length and span of the roof required. A bonus is the shipping containers can be walked on all around the edges except for the central area.

'The first web truss is in on our shipping container house'

building a new house shipping containers home

The first web truss is up and held in place, also the containers are being welded together so they don't move during construction and afterwards.

'About half of the web trusses are on the house' 

building a new house shipping contaners erecting roof trusses

With half the web trusses up the house starts to take shape, when all the web trusses are all on then the battens can be attached to the trusses, they will help keep the trusses straight.

'All the web trusses and battens are in place'

building a new house shipping containers roof frame

Making great progress with the web trusses in place and the battens attached.

'Looking at the back of the shipping container house' 

building a new house shipping containers web trusses roof

This is the back of the shipping container house with the trusses and battens on, looking towards the river. While we were building the house we had two caravans to live in, we also used tents when necessary. We also setup a small shed as a kitchen that everyone could use and a portable shower and toilet.

'A roof top view of the roof frame finished'

building a new house web trusses view shipping containers

Great view of the roof frame finished and the shipping containers below.
The steel strapping is in place and the gable shaped frame each end has been built to attach the roofing iron onto.

'Looking sky high from the central room' 

building a new house looking up web trusses shipping container

Looking up in the central room, roof frame is done, when the corrugated iron is on the roof this room will start to be built. First thing to do is to fit the steel joists into place, then cover them will floor boards. Then we will really be able to see how big our living room is.

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