Building A DIY Home with Shipping Containers

Showing Front Door and Window Openings

Building a DIY Home is no doubt a challenge, but every step along the way gets you closer to your goal of having your own home that you built.

The image below shows the front 40 foot (12 metre) shipping container with the opening for the front sliding door.

You can see the large opening into the central area which is covered with boards to protect inside the shipping containers from the weather.

The central area will have a false floor built using ready made steel trusses which is a really easy way to construct the central room.

'The front door frame has been cutout of the shipping container'

building a diy home our shipping container house

With the opening for the front door completed it gave us a better idea of the floor layout as eventually the central area will be a very large living room. 

The steel frame for the door has been welded in, which is for strength and also for attaching the timber door frame then the sliding door.

'From inside the shipping container house you can see the front door opening
and the large opening into the central area on the left'

building a diy home with shipping containers

As you can see this shipping container has had two large openings cutout of it which both have steel frames welded in to support them. When any openings are cutout in a container they must all be approved by a structural engineer.

Eventually the kitchen will be in the far end of this container but that is along way off yet with internal framing, electrical, plumbing, plastering, painting to be done.

'Below is the front half of the shipping container house floor plan that shows the
front door and windows
in the front forty foot shipping container'

The floorplan layout above shows the where the the sliding door and windows are in the rooms, walk in the front door and everywhere is easily accessible. The windows are above bench height and about 2.4 metres (8 foot long) with a great view out the front.

Building a diy home is about building what you want and where you want, within your means and capabilities of course. That can be anything from a tiny house, a cabin, small house or something larger that you have been wanting to build.
Which could be your every day house or a holiday or vacation house in a beautiful location.

'The window has been cut out of the shipping container ready for the
steel frame to be welded in'

building a diy home our shipping container home

'The diy building of our shipping container home is progessing with the front door and
the two front
windows cut out and the steel frames welded in'

building a diy home our shipping container house prefabbed

Until the front sliding door and back door was in installed we accessed inside the containers by the blue container door that you can see open.

The above image gives you a better perspective of the whole shipping container house, a basic floor plan and structure, with many hours of work and many hands to help, and about 2 years it has become a stunning unique house that we are very happy with.

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