How To Build Your Own Shed Using Shipping Containers

Use shipping containers to build your own shed in your backyard or any where else you need a shed. You can use the 20 foot (6 metre) or the 40 foot (12 metre) shipping containers.

Shipping Containers are excellent for a secure place to lock in your tools, bikes, boat, vehicle, furniture or anything else valuable that you would like to store safely.

Combining shipping containers and a shed is an excellent way to have everything in the one place and looking neat. Adding a roller door to your shipping container shed is a secure way to lock the centre section and it improves the appearance.

Be aware that you may need to get a permit to build a shed on your property please check with your local council first.

'Two 20 foot shipping containers ready to be built into a shed'

two 20 twenty foot shipping containers storage diy shed tractor

Our shipping containers were initially used to store our furniture and other belongings prior to our container house being built. Now they are used for our fishing boat and gear, lawn mower in one container the other has shelving with miscellaneous bits and pieces.

'The shipping containers should be lined up straight before building'

DIY building a shipping container shed using 20 foot containers

When starting to build your own shed check the containers are sitting square. Level across the front and back and the centre gap should also measure the same front and back or very close to it if the containers are a bit out of shape.
We used old railway sleepers bedded in river sand to set the containers on.

'The top steel rafter is being welded into place'

building a diy shipping container shed welding rafter

The back rafter which has been prefabbed is being welded in place, the brackets have been welded on for the timber supports that will be added later.

'The front steel rafter is being lifted onto the shipping container roof'

lifting steel rafter frame on roof on shipping container shed DIY building

The front steel rafter is being lifted onto the roof so it is ready to be put in place.

'The steel rafter is welded on and ready for the purlins'

build your own shed steel rafter frame shipping container shed

Steel box has been welded onto the front of the shipping container at roof level height, it is sitting just above the doors so they can still be opened. The front steel rafter has been welded in position, it also has brackets for the timber framing to be attached.

'Some of the purlins have been attached to the steel framework'

build your own shed with shipping containers steel frame and purlins attached

Next step is adding the purlins to the roof frame for strength and so the corrugated iron can be attached with tek screws.

'The shipping container shed has the roof frame started'

purlins attached roof shipping container shed diy

The purlins on the roof frame are all attached and the centre timber upright is in position so the corrugated iron on the back wall can be attached to it.

'The front of the shed steel rafter is in place with purlins attached'

build your own shed with shipping containers roof frame built

Looking out the front of the shed with the rafter and purlins attached. Build your own shed using shipping containers and you will have a very useful place to store anything you need to keep in a secure locked up area.

'Front steel frame, the timber framework is to be attached next'

shipping container shed close up look steel frame

Close up look at the front of the container shed frame.

'The back of the shipping container shed'

shipping container shed diy steel frame built diy

Close up look at the back of the container shed, the purlins on the back wall will make great shelves inside when the back wall is in place, a work bench will be built along the back wall inside.

There are many ways to build a container shed, this is the way we built our own shed using shipping containers. To see the shed finished go to the next page.

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