Build a Shed Using 20 or 40 Foot Shipping Containers

Knowing how to build a shed using shipping containers can be a cheap way to get a shed if you 'do it yourself' with some help from mates or family.

We are half way to building our shed if you would like to see the first stage go to 'Starting shed' then come back to see the shed being finished.

'Back of shipping container shed'

shipping container shed built diy 20 foot

The timber uprights has been added to the container shed on the back wall.
The corrugated iron will be attached to the framework using tek screws.

'Front of container shed with all framework finished'

steel and timber frame shipping container shed diy built

Looking at the front of the shipping container shed the timber frame work is completed ready for the corrugated iron to be attached, we are using the same colour of corrugated iron as 'our container house' which is a 'Colorbond' colour called 'ironstone'.

'The shipping container shed much closer to being finished'

shipping container shed 20 foot nearly finished diy built construction

Most of the 'colorbond' corrugated iron has been attached to the containers and framework which only took several hours to complete.

'A finished photo taken from the back corner'

colorbond corrugated iron on shipping container shed diy construction

The shipping container shed is complete, all the colorbond sheeting is attached, you can order colorbond to the length you require. The side wall is in several sheets but we were able to order the length from front to back.

'Our shipping container shed'

shipping container shed contruction diy built 20 foot

With all the colorbond sheets on and all the capping on the corners and the roof it is looking great! This is one way to build a shed using shipping containers there will be other versions if you look on YouTube.

'Plenty of space inside the container shed'

inside shipping container shed 20 foot diy

Looking inside the shipping container shed, the 'purlin' shelves are already being used.

'It is surprising how much room is in the middle section'

shipping container shed diy built construction building central area

There is plenty of storage inside the 20 foot (6.1 metre) shipping containers but there is also storage above the containers in the roof cavity which you can see in this image. Which would be really good for long timber or steel or anything that will fit. There is also hanging space from the roof and room for more shelving and cupboards.

'Now everything with can be stored away'

fishing boat lawn mover stored in shipping container shed

Our fishing boat is stored in this shipping container with the lawn mower etc.

'The tractor is parked again under cover now that we have built a shed'

tractor stored in shipping container shed diy

With all the shipping container doors shut and tractor away all it needs now is a coat of paint on the container doors and in the alcove area where the tractor is.

'Our DIY shipping container shed is looking great'

shipping container shed tractor parked in centre diy built

'Ta Dah' The container doors have been painted a matching grey colour which you can get in a spray pak can. A mini workshop will be built in the back of the open area, the central walls will be painted a lighter colour which will make it a bit brighter in there and a light will be added also.

To see the first page of building the shed go to 'Start Building Shed' page.

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