Build A House Yourself With Shipping Containers

Building the Living Room in the Central Area

Using shipping containers to build a house yourself is no doubt a challenge but it is a good challenge that you can manage just like we did. You do need to plan ahead but at the same time take on one job at a time and get it completed as much as possible.

What we did was prefab our shipping container at home for a year and then relocated it to our block in NSW. Most people would find it unnecessary to prefab it, it would be much easier to build where it is going to be permanent.

These images below show the containers placed in a square with the roof trusses on, below you can see floor joists in place for the central room which is the next job to complete.

'The central room is inside the four containers' 

build a house yourself our shipping container houme view from roof

As you can see in the image above the central room is inside the square of containers. The floor joists are in place and have been bolted in place were necessary. The boarded wall has been there since the large opening was cut out to stop the rain getting in.

'The boarded wall is finally being removed'

build a house yourself  container home building central room

The boarded wall is finally being removed and we will really be able to get a feel for how large this room is... we have been waiting for this day for a long time!

'The central room revealed which is the living room' 

building our shipping container house building central room

Ta Da! Wow this is going to be wonderful! 

A very large living room with internal doors to three bedrooms and the back entrance which leads to the toilet, bathroom/laundry and back door.

'The floor boards are ready to be attached to the joists' 

building our shipping container house building living room

The room gets even larger when we step back to the front sliding door and include the front 40 foot (12 metre) container. The living room is about 6 x 7 metres.

To build a house yourself I would suggest you keep the plan fairly simple. Our container house is a very simple design that we are extremely happy with.

For 12 months we prefabbed it at home then the containers were separated and trucked to our block of land in NSW and it was rebuilt on stumps to be finished off.

Of course it would be much easier if you can build a house yourself onto your block of land with having to diy prefab it.

'Most of the floor boards are down' 

building our shipping container house adding living room floor boards

The timber floor boards are being layed on the floor, soon we will sitting in our living room!

 'The steps are attached to the front container'

building our shipping container house new steps at front of home

Now that the house has one metre stumps we need some steps to get in the front and back door. These steps were prefabbed at home, they are made with a steel frame and merbeau timber steps which will need to be treated with timber oil occasionally. 
They have been painted the same colour as the window frames.

 'Floor level view of the central room'

building our shipping container house new steps at front door

An interesting view at floor level, I can see plenty of work to do before the living room is ready to be used. It still needs a ceiling, insulation, plasterboard and plenty of painting.

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