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Hi, Welcome to ‘Our Container House'

I am Tina, I am married with 3 'grown up' kids and we live in rural Victoria, Australia.

We live on a small farm which our 3 boys loved growing up on, the eldest has left home and the others will follow in the next few years.

The photo is of me cruising past Sydney Opera House when I was about 18 while on a holiday with my parents and younger brother.

'My Family a couple of years ago'

We love some adventure as we have had several long driving trips to the Central Australia and the 'top end' of Australia when our kids were a bit younger.
Which we absolutely loved!

I love craft and sewing, photography, gardening, jisaw puzzles and cute animals especially our dogs!

Occasionally I try to catch a fish from the river bank and usually catch smaller fish. This day I pulled in a very big european carp about 70cm which was huge. Unfortunately carp are a pest but at least I have the record for the biggest fish!

The riverbank has huge river redgum trees, it is very scenic and peaceful. 
I can very easily sit on the bank and watch the river flow past and see nature at its best.

Building 'Our Container House' has turned into another adventure of a very different kind!

In early 2013 we purchased a 3 acre block of land with river frontage in southern New South Wales, Australia. It was to be a holiday-vacation place to camp on and then build some kind of shed or house later. Obviously this turned into an amazing 'building' adventure.

We thought of many ideas from 'relocatable and cheap' like several caravans or cabins, 'permanent and mid price' options like relocating a house or building a mid size shed with the necessities.

Then of course there is the 'permanent, more expensive and investment' options like building a new 'timber' framed house, relocating a large house and renovating it, a shipping container house or a large shed with all the comforts and features of a house.

After considering all options we decided on making a 'container' house as we wanted it to be mostly DIY and a 'unique' investment.

As we live three hours drive away from the block of land it wasn't convenient to travel there every week or two and the building progress would be very slow.
So instead we made 'use' of the portability of the 'containers' and constructed most of it at home on the farm. Which was completed in about 12 months.

The work done included installing internal and exterior framing, windows and doors, electrical and plumbing, plastering and painting, cabinetry and bathroom fittings and much more which you will see throughout the pages of this website.

Then each container was transported to our block of land in New South Wales and our 'unique house' was then reassembled on stumps and completed.

I would love to hear from you if you have any questions or have built a shipping container house or planning to build one.   Contact Us


After our Aussie travels I created a website called 'Travel Australia Planning Guide'

Best Wishes and Regards from Tina

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