A Shipping Container...
Is a box that has hundreds of different uses 

What Are Shipping Containers?

A Shipping Container is a large and strong stackable reusable box made of anti-corrosion steel called 'Corten steel'. They are built in various sizes, the most common sizes are 20 and 40 foot long.

They are capable of carrying a load of around 25 to 30 tonne and they are purpose built for moving a variety of cargo from one country to another on huge container ships.

shipping container in port

After they have crossed the ocean hundreds or thousands of times they are decommissioned, then sold or rented out to have a new life.
Many are repurposed to be storage containers.

Containers are very clever in design and have a very important role in the world for importing and exporting, there is much more to know about shipping containers.

See how Shipping Containers Are Made

This video shows how a container is constructed  You Tube

Diagram of the parts required for building a container

plan of shipping container parts

image source - containerauction.com

Shipping Container Dimensions

Containers are mostly built in these Standard sizes 8ft, 10ft, 20ft, 30ft and 40ft the most commonly used size is the 20ft (6.1 x 2.44mt) and 40ft (12.2 x 2.44mt).

The standard height is 8.6ft (2.6mt) 'High Cubes' are available in some sizes which makes a big difference when building a house, 'High Cube' height is 9.6ft or 2.9mt.

When planning to build a house or any construction with containers it is very important and useful to know the exterior and interior dimensions.

Steel Shipping Container Photos

These steel container photos show features and different parts of a shipping container. Containers get their strength from the floor, corners and corner posts.

container is weakened when an 'opening' is cut out in the walls or roof, therefore when any window or door hole is cut out it must be framed to restrengthen the wall or roof.

During construction of 'Our Container House' I took many photos, this page shows some images of the features of a steel shipping container.

How To 'Ship' A Shipping Container

Many thousands of 'shipping containers' are crossing the ocean every day on container ships to deliver 'everyday items to vehicles' and much more.

Everyone of those containers are on 'consignment to deliver goods' of just about anything you can think of, to anywhere in the world.

Anyone can organise to 'ship' a 'large box of goods' up to a 'full container' load.

To be able to ship a container you need to contact a 'freight company' who will provide a quote and all the information you need to have the goods delivered.

front of loaded shipping container

Shipping Container Architecture

It is amazing what can be done with a steel box and a lot of imagination, anything from one to fifty containers or more have evolved into masterpieces to live in, explore or admire.

Everyone is very unique and demand attention as they can be stunning, very unusual, fun and bright colours, they also can be anything from rustic to ultra modern designs.

You will be intrigued by the variety of container architecture designs and locations, everyone is different, some are 'WOW' and others are 'what' were they thinking...

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