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Container House Inspirations, Issue No. 3 -- Videos of Container House Construction
June 02, 2016

Hi Everyone, there are many examples of shipping container homes, houses, sheds, offices, unusual structures being built all over the world.

There are also many videos that have captured the construction and walk throughs of these shipping container homes and buildings. Below I have added several interesting videos that might just give you some ideas and inspiration when you are building your own container house.

Tim Steele Designed Shipping Container House

This video shows the construction of a shipping container house that is an interesting design built on a slope with a gap between the containers.

Tim Steele Designed Container House Video

Brendas 'Not So Tiny' Container House Video

Brenda Kelly has built a larger tiny house using a 40 and 20 foot shipping container that has everything she needs to live comfortably.

Brenda Kelly's Container House Video

Six Oaks in the Santa Cruz Mountains California Video

Kam and Connie have built their shipping container house amongst a forest of Redwood trees. It was prebuilt and then trucked in to their block of land and assembled in a day.

Six Oaks Container House Video

The 'Sarah House' In Utah Video

The 'Sarah House' has been built by Jeff White in Utah. He wants to build low cost homes. The 'Sarah House' was his first attempt at using shipping containers and he has created a great home.

Sarah House Video

'Off Grid' Shipping Container Home

Paul Chambers has built a container house in the Australian bush. He has created many videos as he built his home. This video is a 5 minute summary of building his home.

Paul Chambers Off Grid Container House Video

There are many shipping container houses and homes being built every year in all styles, it is great to see some of them presented in videos. There are many more to see at YouTube and other video websites.


Our Shipping Container House
Facebook - Build A Container House Ideas

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