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Container House Inspirations, Issue No. 2 -- Types of Container Houses
April 27, 2016

Hi Everyone, there are many types of shipping container houses being built all over the world.

Here a few examples of different sizes from the tiny to the large.

Brendas Tiny Container House

Brenda Kelly has built a tiny house using a 20 foot shipping container that has everything she needs to live comfortably. Brenda Kelly's 20 foot Container Cabin

'40x28' DIY Container House

Ryan and Brooke have built their own shipping container house in Asheville, North Carolina they called their house '40x28'. They named it after the measurement of their home they were building.

They used one forty foot container and 2 twenty foot containers, the floor plan is below. They built a wedge shaped roof that allows for plenty of light to come into the house.

40x28 Shipping Container House

The floor plan for the '40x28' container house is below, it shows the 40 foot container at the front and the 2 20 foot containers on the sides. The central living area is built with a timber frame.

'Odpod' Container House in Melbourne

The 'Odpod' shipping container house has been built in Melbourne, it has 2 storeys with 5 bedrooms and it very close to being finished.
'OdPod' Blog of Construction

'Brisbane's 'Graceville Container House

The largest shipping container house in Australia has been built in Brisbane using 31 twenty foot shipping containers which has been featured on 'Grand Designs'.

Graceville Brisbane Container House

Video about building 'Graceville' in Brisbane

As you can see there are many styles and types of shipping container homes from the 'cheap and tiny' to the 'very large and expensive'.

I find the amazing thing with container homes that they are never the same, every owner/builder puts their own ideas and plans into building a container home that suits them.


Our Shipping Container House
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