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Container House Inspirations, Issue No. 5 -- Starting Construction of a Container House
July 28, 2016

Starting Construction of a Container House will always be exciting, the containers have arrived and placed in the right position to start modifying them.

Our shipping containers were set in a square using two of each 20 and 40 foot containers.

There are an endless number of ways to place the shipping containers as you have probably seen on the internet.

Starting to Modify the Containers

Cutting the first container will always be the most exciting part, the adventure has begun. This cutout was our largest and had to have a huge frame welded back in to strengthen the shipping container. The frame welded in was 100mm x 50mm or 4" x 2" in size.

Internal Doors

The internal doors all have to be framed with smaller box steel, the timber door frames are attached to the steel frame. The door is swung is installed in the normal way.

Containers bolted together in the centre room

In our container house we have a central area which will later be built into the living with a false floor etc. The image shows the containers bolted together and also where the cleats are attached for the false floor.

Cut Container opening

This opening is a walk through from the front 40' container into the large central living room. The bedrooms and bathroom etc and back door can be accessed off the central room.

Interior Timber Framing

The internal framing was the same as a normal house for diving walls and wardrobes. The framing on the shipping containers them was different as the framework was set into the containers so maximam space was obtained.

The External Framing

The external timber framing was attached so that the insulation batts could fit between and the corrugated cladding could be attached onto the framework and over the insulation.

Our shipping container house is one of many container homes that have been built, check out as many styles and designs as you can so you can decide what your dream 'container' home will be.


Our Shipping Container House
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