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Container House Inspirations, Issue No. 7 -- Building the Roof and Central Room
September 04, 2016

Here is a few more images of the construction of our container house. It starts with the roof on our container house, first job to do is add the trusses and the battens.

Then the sisalation which is reflective and flame retardant insulation and then corrugated iron on top.

We also used the corrugated iron on the outside walls with the insulation batts placed between the timber studs.

Four Containers Together Ready For The Roof

Finally the shipping containers are in a square and sitting on the stumps, ready and waiting for the roof trusses, framework and the corrugated iron.

Adding the Roof Trusses

Getting the roof trusses and battens on was great to see, trusses can be designed to suit any roof. We sent the plans to the company that built the trusses and they had them made very quickly.

View from the Rooftop

Great view from the rooftop looking down on a 20 foot container and the other containers also the central room through the roof frame.

Opening the Central Room

Most of the roof was on so could take down the boards into the central room. After taking down the wall we could really see how big this room was going to be.

Seeing the Central Room

We used 'Hopley' trusses for the floor frame, once we have the roof on we layed down the floor boards, a week or so later it was plastered and then painted.

Front Steps are Ready to be Used

We were finally able to place our steps at the front entrance, interesting view in the the central room.

Our shipping container house is one of many container homes that have been built, check out as many styles and designs as you can so you can decide what your dream 'container' home will be.


Our Shipping Container House
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